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Building systems of race and gender equity for St. Louis' early-stage, entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

What would be possible if St. Louis proactively built systems of race and gender equity in its entrepreneurship ecosystem?

The St. Louis’ Equity in Entrepreneurship Collective is a regional effort working to ensure that systems built to support new entrepreneurs operate equitably, especially related to race and gender. 
The Collective is made up of over 150 individuals from organizations that mentor, fund and champion early-stage entrepreneurs in St. Louis. Together, the Collective is working in eight areas to achieve its goal of increased gender and race equity. 

150 people

150 people gathered at the region's first-ever summit focused on the disparities in entrepreneurial opportunities & outcomes

8 pilot solutions

42 people worked in 4 action teams to identify 8 pilot solutions to make the entrepreneurship ecosystem more equitable

439 members

439 community members have signed up to be involved with the collective.

12 personnel

12 dedicated full-time, part-time, or volunteer committee members are that committed to the effort.

The Collective is just that, a collective

Become a member, join an Action Team, send us a note; we are eager to hear from you. We are dedicated to collaboration, co-creation and transparency. In the spirit of learning, radical listening, an abundance mindset and a willingness to be candid and vulnerable, members of the Collective look forward to your input so together we can create new opportunities beyond the constraints of current resources.

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