Our Approach

What should I expect during my stay?

All of our centers offer 24/7 skilled care that includes nurses, therapists, physicians and social services workers who are focused on getting you better.

If I cannot come to see my loved one, how can I visit with them?

We know how important staying connected is. We have multiple ways and can support video calls such as Skype or Zoom with the family. The phone is always available.

How quickly does therapy begin and how often?

The team gets started within the first 24 hours with assessments to build a care plan designed specifically for each patient’s care needs. The therapy coordinate with nursing to make sure they maximize your potential while building your strength and endurance. The therapy team is on staff and here every day to answer specific therapy questions the family may have.

Can I still see my specialist?

Although your specialist may not attend at our center, we can coordinate services with your specialist physician for telemedicine visits or make arrangements for in office visits when needed.

Can pets visit?

Pets are our family and can absolutely be a way to inspire wellness. Your furry family members are allowed to visit the center as long as you are able to provide vaccination records required by the state and your pet is well mannered and in control.

The Collective's approach is based on seven pillars. To learn more about our approach please visit our FAQ page.