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1st Pilot Solution - Training!

The St. Louis Equity in Entrepreneurship Collective is pleased to offer a unique training series opportunity to organizations and individuals who work to support, fund or champion early-stage, tech-based entrepreneurs. Created by NCCJ St. Louis and the AWIS (the Association for Women in Science), this training is unique nationally in its focus on the intersections of race, gender/sex, equity and entrepreneurship.

After participating in the trainings attendees will be able to:

  1. Create a shared context for understanding the systemic issues underlying inequities in entrepreneurship

  2. Use a shared language to communicate about and develop strategies to eliminate the inequities

  3. Lay the groundwork for on-going dialogue among Collective participants to change how we think and behave to dismantle systemic inequity in the St. Louis entrepreneurship ecosystem

Trainings are available free of charge to members of the St. Louis entrepreneurship ecosystem and its partners. We hope the trainings provide space for learning, community building, growing awareness, and giving individuals tools to increase inclusion and equity in their own spheres of influence.

#RacialEquityTraining #Equity #ABAR

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