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Resources for Small Businesses

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

As a response to COVID-19, many businesses are shifting to remote work for the first time. The St. Louis Equity in Entrepreneurship Collective has put together a list of resources to hopefully help make the transition a little easier.

Check out our list of curated online resources for Small Businesses, Startups, and Nonprofits to help promote maximum efficiency while working remotely. We have now added a financial resource guide to support businesses that may be struggling during this time.

We will be updating these frequently.

Online Collaborative Resources

Financial Resources

Additional Resources

2020 St. Louis COVID-19 Social Resource List This document is updated daily with resources as they are received.

Access the List Here

Remote Work Toolkit - Powered By GoToMeeting Everything you need for a seamless transition to a remote workforce. From leadership, marketing, human resources, and beyond. Access the Toolkit Here Business Disruption Response:What’s Next? - By SBDC Missouri To help business owners prepare for the changing circumstances associated with COVID-19, the Missouri SBDC suggests the following steps to take for businesses financially impacted. View the Steps Here Tips for working from home - By Adobe Your company has asked you to work from home for the next bit of time. At Adobe, we know what that’s like. Right now, we’re settling into a new normal where many of us are now working remotely. We’re learning ways to connect, collaborate, and make meaningful progress, no matter where we are. Here are some of the best practices we’ve found most helpful so far. Read More Here

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